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Trying Something New!

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Haven’t blog for a while since I was quite busy with customers as well as the transition to my new role… Now I am finally settle down and I should start writing again!

After another 2 years in Milwaukee, I am passing the largest Siebel replacement project to my colleagues/friends to complete.  The project has been very successful! We’ve rollout the CRM system to more than 13,000 users and there are approximately 4,000 more users to go! My friends will be there for few more months to wrap it up.

For this one, I’ve enjoyed working with many great people there, got a chance to build some good relationships and I’ve learnt a lot from the people and the project. I would like to point out that I have never seen a huge company that can adapt change so fast! Just for giggling, we changed project approach 3 times to make the project more efficient so we can provide values to the end users quicker. The team just went with the change and took everything positively. Also we had fun throughout the entire process! 

For every project of mine, I like to provide some fun facts:

  • Car Miles: >30,000 miles (need another new car now)
  • Hotel Nights: > 350 nights
  • Pound of Sushi: > 100 pound consumed (3 good sushi places in Milwaukee, 1 sushi place has all you can eat)
  • Pound of Cheese: > 10 pound
  • Summerfest (Largest Music Festival): 2
  • Cold Winters: 2
  • Coldest temperature in Milwaukee: -20F

Last month I took a new role at Microsoft as a Solution Architect/Program Manager, working very closely with the CRM R&D team to support our largest global enterprise and strategic customers/partners on their Dynamics solutions, focus on CRM online! For this new role, I’ll have the opportunities to help many other customers, especially customers in China since I speak the language and always wanted to help.

Since I don’t have to travel as much as before, I’ll have more time to spend with my family! However I’ll be losing all my airline and hotel status (totally fine with it). :=)

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03/05/2015 at 6:20 am

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