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CRM 2011 SDK 5.0.6

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The product team has updated the CRM 2011 SDK to version 5.0.6.  Based on the release note, the following has been updated.  To get the latest SDK, you may download in MSDN Downloads or view it at MSDN Library.


New and updated topics

Description of changes

Version 5.0.6, August 2011


Updated the readme with new information.



Added support for Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Services (ACS) 2.0.





Fixed a bug in the code generation that caused the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET output file not to compile.

Added a Microsoft Visual Basic .NET helper file containing enumerations for option sets, status, and state codes. Modified the Microsoft Visual Basic .NET version of the Quick Start sample to demonstrate the use of these enumerations.


Analyze Plug-in Performance

Added documentation for the Plug-in Profiler tool.


Azure Extensions for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Configure AppFabric ACS for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Integration

Minor updates to most sub-topics under this topic. Updated the AppFabric SDK links and added information on how to use Windows Azure AppFabric ACS 2.0.


Dependency Tracking for Solution Components

Global Option Set Values

Sample: Detect Solution Dependencies

Sample: Work with Global Option Sets

Sample: Work With Solutions



Modified all solutions samples to remove references to the SolutionComponentType class that was removed from the CrmServiceHelpers.cs and CrmServiceHelpers.vb helper code classes.

All solutions topics and samples now refer to the componenttype enumeration found in the enumeration helper code generated for all global option sets, picklists, state and status values. These enumerations can be used in your code by adding the file SampleCode\CS\HelperCode\OptionSets.cs or SampleCode\VB\HelperCode\OptionSets.vb to your project.

The list of topics and samples shown here represents the primary locations for these samples, but usage of the componenttype enumeration can be found throughout the documentation.


Maintain Managed Solutions

Updated the information in the Require a Minimum Version section.

You must edit the solution.xml file from a managed solution to require a minimum version. Previous content incorrectly said that you must edit the solution.xml file for an unmanaged solution.


Modify Icons for an Entity

Added guidance recommending the use of PNG web resources for icons.


Sample: Create a Connection (Early Bound)



Updated the sample to include the code that associates a role to itself using the Associate method, as required when the same role is assigned to both records in the connection.


Sample: Distribute a Quick Campaign



Fixed the sample so the activities are generated and the activity status changes correctly, by setting the PostWorkflowEvent property in the PropagateByExpressionRequest and CreateActivitiesListRequest message requests.


Use the REST Endpoint with Ajax and JScript Web Resources

Write Code for Microsoft Dynamics CRM Forms

Added comment to clarify about the supported use of jQuery.


Setting a Date as Criteria in a Filter in a Query

Fixed the sample getODataUTCDateFilter function so that it sets the month value correctly.


Xrm.Page.ui control methods

Added guidance for improving performance using the setVisible method.

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