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新的 CRM 4.0 Plug-in Registration Tool V2

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我想大家也用过 CRM 4.0 SDK 的 plug-in registration tools 了吧,Plug-in Registration Developer Tool 和 普通的 Plug-in Registration Tool. 两个都是跟着 SDK来的。 现在有一个新的 Plug-in Registration Tool, 一定可以帮到你很大的忙。 用过这个Tool后,就不想用SDK跟来的 SDK Tools了。:)

Complete feature-set of the tool

  1. Register a pluginassembly, step and image. Validates the data before sending to CRM
  2. Update pluginassembly, step and image
  3. Unregister a pluginassembly shall cascade unregister all the children
  4. Enable, Disable a step
  5. Auto retrieve all CustomEntities information from the organization when registering the step
  6. Allows setting more values on step (e.g.: configuration, secureconfiguration, filteringattributes, etc.)
  7. Auto retrieve CustomAttributes on entity when registering images
  8. Search the pluginassembly, type, steps, images by names
  9. Visualize the status of the CRM Organization multiple views
    1. View by Assembly : What steps are registered on what plug-in
    2. View by Entity : What steps are registered on an entity(e.g.: contact)
    3. View by Message : What steps are registered on a message (e.g.: create)
  10. Shows the list of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 3.0 callouts registered in the organization
  11. Work with multiple organizations at the same time
  12. Exports the Xml in the same format that can be accepted by PluginDeveloper tool




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02/25/2008 at 8:35 pm

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