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Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Logical Database Diagrams

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微软推出了 CRM 4.0 数据库图, 图解释了每一个CRM实体的关系。大家可以参考一下。需要用 Visio 来打开。


crm4answers.vsd – Shows relationship for the knowledge base and sales literature entities.

crm4casecontract.vsd – Shows relationship for the incident (case) and contract entities.

crm4cola.vsd – Shows relationships for the four key entities: account, contact, opportunity and lead.

crm4marketing.vsd – Shows relationships for the marketing automation entities.

crm4mywork.vsd – Shows relationship for the entities shown in the My Work area.

crm4productcatalog.vsd – Shows relationship for the product catalog entities.

crm4qoi.vsd – Shows relationship for the quote, salesorder (order) and invoice entities.

crm4sales.vsd – Shows relationship for the sales force automation entities.

crm4scheduling.vsd – Shows relationship for the scheduling entities.

crm4service.vsd – Shows relationship for the customer service entities


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02/20/2008 at 3:22 pm

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